Some Roadblocks to the Dissemination of Energy Psychology Research

Link explaining difficulties with research into energy psychology which impacts all complementary therapies & “proof” of them working in current research practices.


Road block tree(By Lorna Minewiser, PhD, CEHP)

I am part of a group of EFT practitioners who are introducing EFT to veterans on a community college campus. Most of the veterans are young and recently enrolled in classes after returning from deployment. Many of them have experienced traumatic events and we practitioners, having participated in the Veteran Stress Project, believe that EFT can be of great value to them in many areas of their lives.

Where’s the proof?

One of the first questions from the students is “Where’s the scientific proof?” As students they are being taught how to use the library research tools. They are baffled when they look for the research we have been telling them about, because they can’t find it in Medline or PsycInfo which, to the traditional academic, means it doesn’t exist. The Energy Psychology Journal (EPJ), where much of the EP research is published, is…

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